Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Yeast Infection!!

Well this is probably kind of a weird thing to post on a Blog but that is one reason i am posting it--

July 4th i was going to a party and after my shower i put powder on as i was gonna be outside all day and here in florida its HOT--

When i applied to powder to my stomach area it stung like heck -- and when i looked i had this oozing red sore --

i had never seen it before - i had NO pain--- i had no idea where it came from or what the hell it was....

i applied some gauze and anti biotic cream and went to the party--

Long story short is i have been doctoring this thing since the 4th.. antibiotic cream, along with peroxide , epsom salts, -- and although it has been getting better it is still raw, and infected.

i have scoured the "net" to see what it could be-- didnt look like cancer, didnt look like a boil, or cyst... the closest thing it looked like was a bed sore but it really didnt fit all the criteria for that either--

i finally decided to call the doctor and got an appt today--

turns out it is a yeast infection-- yeah -- how weird is that --
i had a C-Section 34 years ago and the incision was made vertically - so those stomach muscles are useless and that area kind of hangs down-- and the sore is underneath there....

doc said moisture got in that area and the yeast infection grew and then bacteria got in there and the infection set in--

i told him that i take a shower every day but he said that has nothing to do with it--

yeast infections can show up under your arms, in your groin, pelvis area-- where ever you sweat ---

so keflex antibiotic and a cream -- that is the fix for this sore--
ten days i should see major improvement--

so go figure that out?!?!?!!?

i worked in the ER and never saw anything like this- and my friend who is a nurse in the ER never heard of anything like this either-- she was as surprised as i was...

so the cure is POWDER-- baby powder-- desinex-- gold bond- whatever- doc said to always apply powder to those areas where moisture accumulates--

at least i know what it is now- and hopefully the dern thing will go away in a few days-- THAT WILL BE GOOD..

so that is my health lesson for the day!!!!

Creative Distortion has been totally redesigned!!

Well i guess i havent had enough of web pages -- i found out my site was not loading properly in IE-- i use only FIRE FOX -- the best browser on the planet by the way-- and rather than deal with hacks and work arounds I decided to totally redo my site!!

It is two years old and needed some house cleaning anyway--- so why not see the new paint job?


i dont think u will be disappointed-- there are some very cool photogalleries and lots of information on fonts, clip art, artistamps, artist trading cards, digital collage..just to name a few goodies to perk your interests!!!

leave a note in the guestbook to let me know you were there!!!


Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Well the web site redesign I did for my friend Suzie is finally completed and it is actually uploaded and ready to go!!

I had it all finished and she decided she wanted another page so i had to create all the graphics for it, change all the links to reflect new page, and who knows what else?

I worked on it steady day and night last weekend and then we proofed all the pages to make sure links worked and spelling was all ok-- I am sure we missed something but that is just the way it goes.

I am pretty darned pleased with it -- here is the link- let me know what you think

There is "Flash" involved so if you are on dial up you might have a short wait- i tried to make the files as small as possible for those of you who dont have cable.

anyway-- check it out--